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5 Reasons why a Kamado is the ultimate BBQ!

Kamado is the Japanese word for “stove” and is basically a clay pot to cook in, Kamados have been used all over the world for thousands of years, archeologists found early version Kamados that date back for 3000. The modern day version of the Kamado is a perfection cooking with charcoal in a clay pot and evolved to itself the ultimate BBQ for every modern day family. Five reasons why the Kamado is so freaking awesome:

  1. Your meats have superior flavor with natural hardwood and lump charcoal
  2. You can bake a delicious pizza in a Kamado on a stone just like the Italian restaurants do it
  3. Kamados are super-efficient with 50% - 75% reduction in charcoal usage compared to regular steel smokers.
  4. You can slow cook with 18+ hours of low temperature cooking/smoking with just 1 load of charcoal.
  5. Kamados are super safe with their thick heat resistant ceramic shell the outside of the Kamado stays cool

Over at team WeTrada we have the Kamado Cooking station with teak table. Every sunny Friday afternoon it’s a race to our deck where we grill some delicious burgers to go with our Friday afternoon drinks. You can use the Kamado all year long because it comes with a water-resistant cover that keeps the Kamado nice and dry.

Have you heard of FPV Drone Racing yet?

Just a meter from the ground and with speeds over 80 KM/h you are chasing your friend tail flying over a self-made track that starts from your front garden to the end of the street and back. This is First Person Drone Racing, its new and its crazy fun. How does it work you ask? We all heard about these cool camera drones who take amazing aerial shots slowly flying panning around giving you a birds eye view of your environment. Now take that drone and add some Nitro to it that speeds it up to speeds to over 100 km/h. Now you mount your HD camera on the front on the drone that live streams HD video footage back to your VR Goggles with a range of over 2KM. That’s first person Drone Racing, it’s here and it’s awesome. The VR Goggles you have before your eyes gives you front row view where your drone is heading, a feeling that could only be matched if you would have been in a living in a Star wars Movie.

To join this latest trend and start FPV racing you only need a racing drone and HD VR Goggles to get started. Connect with your friends plan a race parkour and get FPV Drone racing them around the block. The most exciting new thing you can do standing on two feet! Let us know what you think of this new trend and maybe you have done it before so you could share your experience.